Microsoft’s flagship Surface 2 tablet is a must-have for any new PC owner, and Microsoft has a few new laptops that could make it even more popular.

While the Surface Pro 3 is a very good laptop for the price, Microsoft’s new Surface 2, the Surface Book, and the Surface Laptop are a must have for anyone who’s looking for a powerful and portable laptop that has room for all of their hardware.

In our review of the new Surface Pro 2, we found that the device is well-built and performs very well.

But when you combine it with the Surface Pen stylus, the device really becomes a must.

Microsoft’s latest Surface 2 laptop is a good choice for the budget or professional PC user who needs a laptop that can do a lot.

But if you want a laptop with a ton of power, you can’t go wrong with the new Windows 10 Pro laptop.

Read moreMicrosoft’s new Windows Mixed Reality headset, the Windows Mixedreality Viewer, lets you use your phone or tablet to play games and see augmented reality content.

The device also allows you to create a virtual reality movie.

While Microsoft has not released an official announcement about the new Mixedreality headset, Microsoft did say that the headset will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2019.

Microsoft has also confirmed that its new Surface Laptops, which will include a Surface Pro 4, Surface Lattice, and Surface L3, will include the Microsoft Surface Mixed Reality Viewer.