It was a stormy start to the season, but the raucous scenes in Dublin’s O’Connell Street were nothing compared to the roar of the crowd.

The roar came as Dublin was gearing up for a visit to Perth in Perth’s Test match on Saturday.

It is the first time Dublin has faced a Perth Test.

For the fans, the game has been billed as a showcase for their talents, but it is also a chance to see what they can do when they get a chance.

Dublin had not played a Test in Ireland since 2010, and many of its fans are hoping to get a taste of that atmosphere on Saturday night.

However, some have questioned the value of such a large crowds for the game.

Many have said the roar will distract away the spectators, while some fans have complained about the poor sound quality.

And there are other issues at play as well, including the fact that the O’Donnell Street has not been used as a venue for any Irish football matches for the last few years.

So how can we prepare ourselves for the big day?

Dublin City Council says that its goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere and that is what they are doing by putting on the biggest rugby match in the country.

“We are looking forward to seeing the excitement and support that will result from the event,” said Mayor of Dublin, Denis Naughten.

This will be the first O’Neill Test game for the Irish National Rugby team and it will be a special occasion for all involved.

Dublin’s Odeon will be hosting a huge match at 6pm on Saturday, but there will be no fans allowed in the stadium.

We want the people to come out to the match to watch it and it is going to be packed with people who have not had a chance in years.

Dubliners can expect a similar atmosphere at Perth’s home ground, with hundreds of fans expected to gather in the grounds of the Odeons.

Dubliner fans are more than likely to be wearing their local colours, as the Irish Rugby Union is playing a series of friendly games in Perth.

A number of players from the Irish team will be on hand at the game, including: Conor Murray, Cian Healy, Paul O’Sullivan, Ryan Crotty, Conor Murray and Paul Ollaghun.

Dublins Irish supporters are hoping that their club can create a better atmosphere for the Perth game.

“We have a strong presence in the city and we want to see that reflected in the atmosphere we are looking for,” said O’Deenan.

With all the attention being paid to the NRL, this is another opportunity for the fans to get behind the game and give it a try.

They can also support their local teams in the upcoming Rugby League World Cup, as Dublin’s team is preparing to face Australia in Perth on November 30.