A man’s journey to love plaid is no easy feat, says the designer who has worked with some of the country’s biggest stars.

Dublin-based designer Mary Lou has worked on some of Ireland’s biggest names including Robbie Williams, Robbie Farley, Liam Gallagher, and Robbie Williams and his new book The Plaid Man is full of the plaid man’s favourite fashion items.

He said it was his job to find a perfect balance between elegance and functionality.

“I’m looking for a look that suits everyone,” he said.

“You’re not just going to want to have a plaid top on, you want to look good too, you’ve got to look elegant too.”

It’s not just about the style.

It’s also about the function.

“Mary Lou says there’s a reason why plaids are one of the most popular clothes in Ireland and that it’s down to the fact they are comfortable.”

The best plaid guys don’t wear their own shoes, they wear plaid shoes.

“They know they can have a little bit of style, but they also know they have to have the same function as everybody else,” he explained.

He has even created a collection of “dressed up” versions of plaid t-shirts.

The plaid Man also has a few tips on how to get the most out of your own plaid, from buying a few extra buttons to plaid polo shirts.

“Buy a few more buttons, buy a couple of plays, buy an extra size of play,” he advised.

“The more buttons you have, the more you’ll get the right fit, and you’ll also get the proper amount of comfort.”

And you’ll have enough buttons to go around your waist if you’re not wearing a dress.

“It’s all about fit and function, he said, and while he did have a few suggestions on how you can improve your plaid look, he doesn’t recommend buying a lot of buttons.”

If you buy a few plays you’ll be able to wear your own shoes a little better, but if you have a lot more buttons and you have to wear a dress, it will look like a skirt,” he added.”

Buttons are a very important element of the look, they help the silhouette of the dress and make it more comfortable.

“It’s like buying a little piece of jewellery that makes the whole thing look bigger and more sophisticated.”

He also advises that if you are looking to buy a new shirt for your wedding day, “go for a nice fit and finish”.

There’s no better time to buy plaid than the wedding day.”