NEW YORK — The Nike shoes in New York are all about comfort, but one pair has gone a step further and is all about fashion.

Nike says that it is bringing back the maurice plaid, or the plaid tee, for the season.

This summer, the company is offering up all four of its signature sneaker silhouettes in mauriced prints, in a range of colors, for a price tag of $125, which is more than a third of the average price for the Nike Classic line.

Nikes Classic line includes sneakers that are mostly black, grey and red, and all feature a classic silhouette and the mare plaid in a variety of colors.

The mauricese plaid is black and white and has a subtle, muted feel to it, with a high heel on the shoe and a slight line around the toe box.

The Nike Classic mauricoland tee is white and black, and it is an entirely different look to the classic silhouette.

The shoes are a part of Nike’s new Nike Originals collection, which was launched earlier this year.

The shoes are available in three sizes and three colors: black, white and grey.

Nike says the mantellas will be available exclusively at select Nike Origins retailers, and they will be sold in limited numbers at select retailers.