Why do you have to wear plaider shirts in zombie movies?

We’re not talking about a plaid-shirt-wearing zombie, of course, but in a more realistic world. 

Plaid shirts are often seen in zombie films as a cheap way to add character to a zombie, a character whose appearance can be more realistic than the zombies themselves.

However, there are some who are concerned that the plaid look may be distracting from the action and making the zombies look more dangerous. 

There is a reason why the plaiders wear these shirts.

The Plaid Shirt Zombie was created by designer J.M. Bowerman.

 The Zombie Plaider Shirt Zombie is a simple but elegant design, but it’s not limited to just zombies.

Bowersman also creates an alternate look for zombies in the classic horror film Halloween that features a more cartoonish look.

Bowerman, who is best known for his work for the zombie-themed children’s book series The Zombie Bible, is also responsible for designing this zombie shirt.

The Zombie Shirt Zombie isn’t the first zombie-inspired shirt Bowersmoor has created. 

He also designed a shirt for the iconic movie The Thing.

The Shirt Zombie Zombie, which is currently available on Amazon.com, has a slim waist and a slim leg opening, but there’s also a subtle zigzag pattern that gives it the look of a shirt made out of denim.

You can also see the subtle pattern on the shirt’s logo.

It’s easy to look at the shirt and assume it’s just for zombies.

But that’s not the case.

The shirt has a subtle pattern that adds character to the zombie look.

You’ll also notice the zigzags of the shirt are not just for effect.

It adds depth and character to any zombie costume.

It’s a simple yet effective design that can help make your zombie look more scary than you think.

Bowersmower explains why he made the shirt:The shirt has the same silhouette as a plaier shirt.

It looks like a regular plaid tee or a planyard, but the pattern is different.

The zig-zag pattern helps to make the shirt stand out.

This is why the shirt looks like it’s made out in denim, and not plaid, because denim has a more subtle pattern than plaid.

As the shirt has an open waist, you can wear it without a bra.

It also has the added bonus of not looking like a zombie.

If you’re a fan of the zombie genre, the shirt will definitely make you smile.

Check out the Zombie Shirt Zombies at Amazon.

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