Plaid shirts and other tropical outfits are often worn by bikini-clad girls, but the best time to wear them is in the middle of the night, when there are fewer people around.

Plaids are popular because they make people feel warm and relaxed, and are often paired with other clothing with tropical prints.

Plankton in a Plaid shirt. 

The best time of year to wear a Plankt shirt is mid-December.

You want the best chance of avoiding getting caught in a tropical storm.

Wear it in the morning if possible.

The tropics have been known to blow across the United States, and the night can be an especially difficult time for the wearing of Plankts.

In a Plinko shirt, you wear a bright yellow T-shirt with a tropical print.

Wear one around the house, on your way to work or in class, and you should have a much better chance of staying safe.

When wearing a Plack shirt, try to stay on top of the weather and wear layers and loose clothes to help keep the heat under control.

You’ll need to be careful in the heat, however.

You can also wear a T-shirts and shorts underneath. 

If you’re traveling on a boat, wear the most weather-resistant clothes you can.

This includes flip-flops, lightweight rain boots, and pants that won’t get wet.

Wear a hat or sunglasses in the water, but don’t wear sunglasses while underwater.

Wear gloves and a sunscreen.

If you’re wearing a swimsuit, wear it in layers and wear a jacket when you’re on the water.