Seinfeld, the beloved sitcom creator, is back in the spotlight this week as he’s on “CBS This Morning.”

The “Seinfeld” star was interviewed for a job in a small, rural county in central Missouri on Monday.

Seinfeld, 56, was asked about the show’s hit series, which has been renewed for a third season.

The show was also renewed for two more seasons.

The interview was taped after Seinfeld’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Sunday.

The CBS host said he’d never heard of Seinfeld.

“He’s such a unique talent,” Kimmel said.

“I think the show has really come full circle.”

“Seinfeld’s” showrunner, Lisa Kudrow, said Seinfeld had told her he was “thinking of retiring” after the show.

Kudrow said Seheimers retirement was the result of a “very, very, very difficult” year.

Seheimers last appearance on the air was the season finale of “Seeking Men” in May 2018.

He is also a producer on ABC’s “The Middle,” which will air its final episode in 2019.