Teal, blue, and white were the new colors for the Nike World Cup 2017 tees, as Nike introduced two new tees.

One, the Express Plaid, featured a black-and-white-striped color scheme that looked great on the shorts, and the other, the Nautica Plaid showed off a white stripe down the front of the shorts.

The Express Plays, on the other hand, had a black stripe down each side of the front, while the Nautsica had a white and blue stripe down both sides.

Both tees had a soft white lining, and both were available in a range of teal, teal with a dark blue and blue stripes, and a blue and white stripe.

Nike also unveiled a new version of the Naughtie Plaid Tee, which is similar to the Nuckie Plaikie Tee, but the white is darker.

Nike unveiled the Nastie Plays in two colors: blue and red, and while the blue was available in either a blue, black, or white tee, the red is only available in the Nafte Plaid.

Naftes, the new Nauticas, and Nasties have a black and blue-stripe version of Nike’s iconic Nautico.

Nike did not announce a price for the NAPLES, but we will be sure to report back when we hear more.