A pair of jeans from the brand ‘Babeau’ has been inspired by the word “Babe”.

The line, which is made by the company that owns the brand and has a name like ‘BBEB’ or ‘Bebes’, is now available to order via the online shop.

The brand, which also sells clothing and accessories like bags, was created in the UK, and is one of the few denim brands that do not feature a logo or tagline.

A spokesperson for the brand told BuzzFeed News: ‘We’ve been obsessed with plaid since we were small and wanted to be more than just plaid, we wanted to change the way we dress and the way people look at us.’

It’s about having a bold and colourful look, but at the same time being very comfortable and easy to wear.’

‘Bibeau’ jeans are available for pre-order from the online store of the brand.

They are also available in denim and cotton blends, and have a black and grey colour palette.

The jeans come in a variety of colours from grey to black, with the main colour being a deep navy.

The website says: ‘Bobes plaids are perfect for spring and summer.

A new style of jeans that will get you back to work in style.’

The denim is available in a number of colours including navy, grey, grey and navy.

They also feature a black sole, black waistband and black ankle collar.

The company also offers a range of other plaid styles in denim, as well as jeans and other accessories, including bag liners and a range, of canvas bags.

‘BOBEAU’ is currently available to pre-purchase from the website of the label.

You can check out more about the brand on their website.