The most popular colour of the three is the most popular pair of sneakers you’d want to wear, according to a Reddit poll.

The top five colour choices are all grey, with plaid and grey also being popular choices, with black, black and blue coming in at fourth and fifth, respectively.

The top five sneakers are, of course, black, grey, grey and blue.

The poll was carried out by Reddit users, and the top five shoes were picked by a user from each of the four categories, as well as other users, including a bunch of celebrities.

The top shoes are all black, which is the main colour for the main line of black-and-white sneakers, with all three being black.

Plaid and gray are the colours that make up the grey pair of shoe.

The latter two have more purple and orange in them than the grey ones, while black is more pinkish-blue, and blue is more purple-grey.

Plagiarism has been rife in the sneaker community over the past few years.

The latest example is a pair from Adidas, which came with a logo on the sole of the shoe, and which was spotted on a Reddit thread about Adidas.

The sneaker industry has been rocked by several major shoe plagiarism scandals in recent years.

In 2014, Kanye West released a pair in a red, gold and silver color scheme from Adidas.

In 2015, a pair by Nike was pulled from shelves.

The trend of copying sneakers was so widespread in the footwear world that in 2017, a shoe brand called Tutti Rouge was forced to pull their shoes from stores after a picture of it on social media went viral.

In 2018, the shoe company Puma said it would not allow any shoes from Adidas to be made until the company had removed the logo from its footwear.