How to dress as a chola without making everyone laugh, according to a brand new fashion trend.

While it might sound a bit silly to be dressing up as a woman in a man’s clothes, it’s actually a great way to make the wearer feel more like a woman.

And if you’re into fashion and the idea of dressing like a princess, you should definitely check out the new cholo shirts on offer.

The cholo trend started out as a response to a trend in men’s fashion called the cholo.

A more fashionable version of the classic cholo dress shirt, the chola shirt is often worn by men to look like women, or women as men.

The idea behind the trend, which has grown in popularity since the fall of 2014, is that cholos are often a little too feminine.

The cholo, in turn, is a way to give women an edge in the office, or to be seen as the opposite gender.

As a result, some choloes have been wearing pants and a blazer over a chalo shirt, which can be seen in the above image.

The new trend is a reaction to the way that some men are dressing and how they treat women.

In a way, it has the same effect on women as it does on men.

And while it’s not a new trend, the trend has gained popularity in recent months.