President Donald Trump has become a Republican on purpose, tweeting he’s an independent but not for himself, and he’s never supported any particular party.

The president tweeted Thursday afternoon: I am not a Democrat.

I am not for the Democrats.

I support Republicans for the sake of the Republican Party.

I have never voted for a Democrat, but I have voted for the Republican ticket.

I have never endorsed a Democrat for president.

So please, Mr. President, don’t call me a Democrat and never vote for a Republican.

If you were elected, and you won’t honor the results of the election, I will be a Democrat president.

It’s time to stop pretending that Republicans are a party that wants to govern.

It is not.

Republicans are the party of the working class, and the Republican agenda is not just for the rich.

It’s also for the middle class, the working families, the elderly, the disabled and anyone else who isn’t able to vote for Democrats.

This is not a party of compromise.

Republicans have a simple message: It is time to end the corrupt system of campaign contributions, special interests and lobbyists.

As you know, I ran as a Democrat because I believe in our party’s platform, which calls for a massive tax cut for the working and middle class.

I voted for tax relief for our middle class and for a huge expansion of the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

That was my pledge to the American people.

And it is my plan to implement those tax cuts.

We will have a new tax code that will grow our economy, and it will help the middle and working classes.

It will grow the economy for our veterans and our kids, who have to put up with all of the pain that they have been through and the lack of education and healthcare.

A Republican tax plan is going to be the biggest, most progressive tax cut in history, and Republicans will be able to say that we gave them a big tax cut.

And I will say this: It’s a big mistake to assume that we can get it through the Democratic controlled Congress, the Senate, and on to President Trump’s desk without the support of all the major parties.

Republicans will get a huge tax cut and Democrats will get nothing.

This will be our moment to break with the status quo and move our country in the right direction.

This administration has been too quick to attack the president for being a Republican, but Republicans have not been able to defend their party’s record on healthcare, taxes, and fighting for middle class families.

If you are a Democrat who cares about the middle classes, healthcare and the middle-class tax cuts, I have a message for you: Don’t vote for Donald Trump.

Don’t support a Republican candidate who is trying to do the same things the Democrats have been doing for years.

The Democrats have made it clear that they are not going to support Donald Trump and the Republicans.

I hope that President Trump will see that his party is a powerful force in the world today and not just a joke.

To the people who support me, I hope you understand why I have always been a Republican and why it is that I believe so strongly in Republican principles and values.

You are right, we have never been a party for compromise, and I have worked hard to make sure we never have.

You also understand why, after working so hard to get us through this year, Republicans are so disappointed in the president’s performance.

And I hope this is your message to all the Republicans who support President Trump and to all Democrats who voted for him: We know how to do business, and we will always work with you, and let us work together to solve the world’s problems.