The best scarecrow plaudits, a.k.a. the worst scariest, have been a big part of Halloween costume culture since its inception in 1978, according to costume designers and producers.

That was the year a pair of Chicago-based design firms named Fearless Halloween, Inc. and The Costume Company of Chicago, Inc., released a contest that awarded $1,000 to the top designer who could come up with the scariiest costume in the store.

“Scary and scary is what scares people the most, because it’s so scary,” said Paul E. Brown, who founded the company and is now executive vice president.

“The best costume for Halloween is the most realistic and terrifying.

So that’s what the fearless costume is.”

That’s the idea behind Fearless’ new costume contest, which is part of a new, nationwide initiative called The Costume Awards, a partnership between Fearless, The Costume Center of Chicago and the Chicago Public Library.

“We’re really trying to be part of that trend, because we feel like it’s a great opportunity to get the best designers involved in this,” Brown said.

“It’s not just about one or two designers.

The competition is open to all.”

In fact, the winners will receive a trip to a costume designer’s studio and an opportunity to meet with the costume designers in person.

“This year, it’s more about the designer and the costume than the designers themselves,” said John T. Wilson, a costume consultant and co-founder of Fearless.

“And it’s not only about designers, it is also about the costumes.

The Costume Institute, which will be sponsoring the competition, said that, overall, the theme is “fun, innovative and unique.” “

So we really want to be able to connect the costumes with the costumes and the designers.”

The Costume Institute, which will be sponsoring the competition, said that, overall, the theme is “fun, innovative and unique.”

That includes an emphasis on creativity and creativity in a positive way.

“Every costume has to be different, and there has to always be a costume that’s fun and exciting, and you can’t just say, ‘That’s the one,’ ” said director Michael G. Gorman.

“That’s not the point.

It’s a way to celebrate that uniqueness and how amazing this costume can be.”

It’s the latest in a long line of costume competitions that Fearless has hosted in recent years.

The company’s most recent costume competition took place in March in Atlanta.

This year, the company has teamed up with two costume designers from the Chicago-area, as well as the Costume Center and other costume designers, to create a Halloween costume contest.

In Chicago, the Costume Institute hosted a costume contest for the first time in 2014.

“There’s a huge difference between the costumes being the ones that are created, but people who make the costumes,” said Wilson.

“If it’s someone who’s working on a costume, then it’s made by a costume artist.

If it’s somebody else who creates the costume, it might be a creative creation, but it’s the same person.”

The costume contest is part part of Fearlessly’ annual Halloween Costume Fair, which raises money for charities.

“Each year, we’ve had more than 30,000 costume designers participate, and each year, each year is a fun, creative and unique opportunity to celebrate all the creativity that goes into making a costume,” Wilson said.

For those that don’t want to participate in the costume contest this year, Wilson said he’ll have a booth in front of the library this year to help those who can’t.

“I’ll have an exhibit of the best costumes,” he said.

And if you’re feeling brave, Wilson added that there will be a second costume contest next year.

“A second costume will be open to everyone,” he added.

And as for those who want to get in on the fun, Wilson suggested that those who are creative and want to show their creativity, and who want the best of both worlds, can submit their designs to the costume design contest.

The Costume Award for Halloween has been around since 1978, and it has grown in popularity in recent decades, with more than 2,000 entries this year.

Wilson said that Fearlessness hopes that the costume competition will bring in a lot of creativity and inspiration to the competition.

“In a lot the fashion trends that are out there right now, it feels like people are taking inspiration from other places,” he explained.

“But with a costume design, you can say, we want to put together something that’s not too far out there.

You can go to places like China, and say, I want to wear this, but I don’t have the money to buy it myself.”

Fearless is also offering a $500 gift certificate for those people who want an original costume but are still looking for one.

The event is free and open