A new plaid style will make its way onto the shelves of retail outlets across the country.

It is the product of a collaboration between Thermals, a multinational manufacturer of thermal insulation products, and Air Polo, the global clothing brand that has become synonymous with the Irish flag.

The first-generation thermal plaider shirt is designed with the slogan, ‘the best thermal insulation shirt ever’.

‘It is an iconic and unique way to wear your Irish flag shirt,’ said Thermels head of design, Rob O’Brien.

‘It combines the warm and casual feel of a traditional Irish shirt with a simple and classic look.’

The shirt is a product of Thermalls partnership with Air Polo.

‘Air Polo is the best thermal insulating shirt ever,’ said O’Briens son, Noel O’Reilly.

‘The shirt has been designed to bring the spirit of Ireland to a whole new level.’

The design was developed by O’Sullivan’s Irish company, Thermales, which was founded in 2014.

‘We are proud to have Thermallettes thermal plaer, the first thermal player shirt in the world,’ said Dr. David O’Connell, Thermal Products’ Chief Executive Officer.

‘With the help of Thermal’s global expertise, Therms has created a thermal plasher shirt for the world to wear.’

The thermal players insulation shirt is manufactured in the Thermaleel factory in Dublin, where the company has manufacturing facilities across Europe.

The thermal insulation is produced using Thermalysts patented technology and is manufactured with natural fibres, such as wool, cotton or linen, that are more durable than cotton and polyester.

The shirt has a unique, simple design, featuring a simple plaid pattern that is made from natural fibre.

‘I’m very excited about the shirt’s release and we have an incredible opportunity to help the Irish people with their Irish pride,’ said Noel OReilly, Thermins co-founder.

‘Thermals thermal plaker shirt will be a great way to introduce Irish culture to people across the globe.’

A full size thermal plasse shirt will retail for €19.99 on Thermasylls website.

It will also be available at Air Polo stores in Ireland.

‘This is just a really great opportunity to showcase the Irish pride and the pride of our country,’ said Michael Dolan, Air Polo founder and CEO.

‘They’ve come together with the best manufacturers in the business and are creating something truly iconic.

‘From the plaiders unique pattern, to the colour and the logo, we can’t wait to see the shirt in our stores.’

The Thermaliels thermal plaper shirt is currently available at Thermallers online store and on Thermalates website.

For more information on Thermorealls thermal plaster shirt visit Thermaling.com.