Vintage pla-dee shirts for £30 in Glasgow have been on sale for the past four days, and they are selling out in a matter of hours. 

The plaid, knit or knit top has been made by one of Glasgow’s oldest garment factories, in the 18th Century, and is one of the oldest surviving items from the 19th Century. 

“The shirt is a favourite among the young Glasgow women who enjoy a little more formal dress,” said Claire Maughan, from Vintage Plaid. 

Vintage Plaid is an international company of designers and producers. 

It is run by Nathaniel Hutton, a father of two from Glasgow. 

He told RTE: “My mum was born in Glasgow in the 1860s, she went to the city to work in the factory, then she came back and had two sons and my dad died in 1904.”

So, my mum went into the textile business and that’s where I grew up and I’ve been running it for about a century now.

“It’s a very different life, it’s a lot different.”

We have a great range of items, so you can buy a very limited number of items.

“I think that’s a really nice thing to have in Glasgow.”

The clothes are very durable and they’re very stylish, they’re also very functional and they come with a little bit of extra cash in them.

“They’re really nice to look at, and I think that they are very fashionable.” 

The shirts are available at various retail outlets, including Riot and Victoria Market, and are available online at 

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