In an effort to encourage people to wear plied shirts to a rave, a fashion company has created a limited edition line of vinyl plaid tee shirts that are also available in denim, wool and cotton versions.

The collection features a plaid design inspired by the classic rave logo, with the word “Rave” printed across the front.

The “Raves” logo can also be printed in white on the front of the shirt, as seen on the “Rears” collection. 

The vinyl “Ravs” line was designed by the designers of the “Crazy Legs” collection, which is based on the designer’s collection of vintage rave shirts.

The company hopes to make the “Lords” line available in spring of 2019, with “Rites of Passage” in the summer.

The original “Lights” vinyl collection debuted at Burning Man in 2014. 

This is the first time that a vinyl collection has been created by the designer of a line of “Rights” and “Dogs.” 

The designers hope to bring a new dimension to rave culture by releasing a collection with a variety of colors, patterns and styles.