New Delhi: India’s latest trend in men’s clothing has hit a peak, with a plaid tee topping the online fashion marketplace in its second month.

The trend was on a massive scale on the first day of the first full week of July, with thousands of users buying the designs from the site, which boasts more than 10 million customers.

The site says it is the biggest online plaid business in the world.

It is now on track to surpass 1 billion views in the next week and counting, with playshirts in the range of Rs2,000 to Rs10,000 priced in all colours.

Playshirt’s chief executive, Rajesh Kumar, says the site is selling an average of about 50 to 60 pairs per day.

He says sales are growing quickly, especially among women, who are increasingly opting for casual wear.

While the number of users has doubled since its launch last week, the growth is largely due to a surge in sales.

“People are spending their money on their daily needs,” Kumar told AFP.

“I don’t think that the average person is going to wear more than five pairs of clothes per day, but the trend is going up exponentially.”

The plaid tees were designed with a casual touch in mind, with simple shapes and prints on the front, collar and waistband.

The designs are popular with men and women, and are also available in various colors.

Many have designs with “noodles” on them, which appear to be strips of fabric.