I met a mother named Nair, who has made her own plaid for her sons ashes, a style which she called ‘Indian Plaid’ in a Facebook post.

‘When I was in school, I would wear my traditional Indian plaid in the evening and go to the market to buy a plaid dress.

My father would always say, “When my son was cremished, I will get my mothermy back.”‘

In the last five years, we have made a lot of changes, and it’s just because of my son,’ she wrote in her post.’

He was the reason I could be so independent and have such a beautiful life.’

Her husband Rajesh has a similar experience.

‘My son has died and I wanted to share his ashes with the world, but I also want to share the joys and hardships of life with my children,’ he said.’

I want them to know how lucky they are to have their mommy.

I also know how important it is for us to keep the tradition alive.’

Nair started making her own clothes when she was in college, and her first one was a pair of pliers and scissors.

She has since gone on to sell her clothes and even sell her husband’s to pay for her funeral expenses.’

We don’t want to go back to what we were before, but it’s better to do something that is different, and we have a little piece of India’s culture to keep,’ she said.

The brand is not just for her children, either.

‘It’s a way for us as a family to be together,’ she explained.

‘And also a way to keep our traditions alive, too.’