Dress like a guy and you’re considered cool, like a lady and you are a jerk, according to a new study. 

The research, conducted by the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons, surveyed 7,000 people, and found that people of both genders were considered cool or even desirable when it came to appearance.

The researchers, who were not affiliated with the University of British Columbia, conducted their survey online between March and June 2015.

Participants were asked whether they were cool, or even attractive.

When asked to describe their appearance, they were given five criteria.

They were either “straight, thin, straight, thin with short hair, or very straight, but short with short hairs” The study found that women with long hair were viewed as more attractive.

The same was true for men, and the opposite was true of women with short or even no hair.

While women were less likely to describe themselves as attractive to men than men were to women, the same was not true of men.

The study found there was a correlation between how men viewed themselves and how they looked to other men.

The men who were perceived as most attractive by other men were seen as the ones who had the most masculine traits, like masculine eyes and hair, the researchers said.

Women, meanwhile, were perceived to be the ones with the most feminine traits, such as feminine features and features that emphasized body parts.

The women surveyed in the study were also more likely to say that their appearance should be “more feminine” than men, according the study.

The findings suggest that there is a tendency in women to judge other women’s looks and characteristics based on how they dress, rather than their actual physical characteristics.

“We know that when people have social expectations about how men should look, it affects their perceptions of themselves,” said study author Dr. Katherine Gentry, a professor of clinical dentistry at the University’s School of Dentistry and Health Sciences.

“This is why it is so important that people are encouraged to dress in ways that are more feminine.”

While the study found no statistically significant differences in men and women’s attractiveness in terms of overall appearance, the study does suggest that women may perceive men as more feminine, and thus the results may not be completely accurate.

Men are not the only ones who can have trouble looking good. 

“It’s really about looking good in the first place,” Gentry said.

“When we’re talking about men, the most obvious thing that we notice is their hair and the way their skin looks.

They are perceived as being more feminine.

But we also see other characteristics, like their skin tone and their height, which are considered more masculine.

We’re really not able to separate the two.”

In addition to the physical aspects, there are also psychological aspects that can make it difficult for women to feel desirable.

Men are also more inclined to use positive self-talk, and women are more likely than men to say they feel bad about themselves, the authors said.

“Women are more self-conscious about being feminine, but men are more inclined not to be,” Gage said.

The research was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.