Dark Knight Returns is coming soon to a video game console and console-to-tablet game format, as it is rumored that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will unveil the next game in the franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight.

In a recent tweet from Warner Bros., a trailer was released for Batman: Assault on Arkham, the upcoming sequel to Batman: The Killing Joke.

In this trailer, Batman is seen battling a giant batarang, a grappling hook, and a bataract, all while wearing a cape.

The first trailer for Batman Returns showed off the Batmobile and its armored vehicles, which would be reused for Batman in the game.

The first trailer was posted on April 9, 2017, by Warner Bros.’ social media director.

The teaser video for Batman Return features a scene where Batman has his trusty Batmobile, and he is shown walking down a street, wearing a helmet and cape.

A shot of a police officer can be seen approaching a batmobile, which is armed with a grappling line.

A scene from the trailer shows Batman wearing a Bat-Pilot suit and flying into the sky.

A Batman: Batman Returns trailer is expected to be released by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment on May 5, 2017.