Why do some of your favorite brands have such a strong, plaid look to them?

How can you tell if a shirt is genuine plaid and if it’s a flannel one?

Here are five reasons why.1.

The Color of the ShirtThe plaid shirts tend to be a lighter shade of pink, purple, or blue.

This can be a nice contrast to the rest of your outfit, but can also be distracting to those looking to wear a lighter color.

For example, a plaid flannels the lightest shade of orange and the most saturated one, while a true plaid is one that’s a darker shade of blue and orange.2.

The PatternThe majority of the plaid styles use the same patterns of dots or dashes.

They’re usually on a larger, longer sleeve.

This is to give a more uniform look, which will also be easier to remove when the shirt is unworn.

Plaid shirts also tend to have fewer buttons than flannel shirts.3.

The Width of the NeckThe neckline of a plied shirt is often the same width as a flocked flannel, so it can be easier for the wearer to reach over the neckline without getting the shirt too short.

The plaid neckline also makes it easier to untie a shirt, as the plied neckline is more of a guide than a rule.4.

The Type of ColorThe plied shirts are often more subdued, so they can also fit in a more casual style, but there’s always the possibility that a played shirt might come in a lighter, brighter color.

The type of color you choose will determine whether or not it’s an authentic plaid, but you should definitely keep your eyes open for any signs that you might be missing out.5.

The Sizes of the T-ShirtsThe size of the shirt can also affect its plaid feel, as larger sizes tend to flatter the body and help with an overall fit.

A shirt that’s too large will be less comfortable, as well as likely to be too small, which can make it harder to pull the shirt off without it falling over.

But a smaller size will help your body stay more straight, while still fitting into a larger space.

If you’ve already been following our How to Choose a Plaid Shirt guide, you’ll know that the biggest challenge for designers and brands alike is getting the right fit.

The best way to find the right size is to take a look at your size chart and find out if the shirt fits perfectly for you.

If not, there’s no need to panic.

Just remember to check your size on size chart every now and then to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit.