We’re all familiar with plaids, but what about summer clothes?

Are there any rules for how you should wear them?

And if so, what are they?VICE News sat down with Annie Brace to find out.

Annie says she loves plaid.

She grew up in Ireland, so her roots are rooted in the country.

She wears plaid pants, a plaid jacket, a pair of plaid trousers, and plaid socks.

She even wears plaudits to parties.

But she also says it’s important to keep your style to a minimum, because plaid isn’t a summer wear.

So Annie, who is originally from Scotland, says she prefers to wear a placket shirt or skirt with no socks.

But if you need to wear some socks, then wear them with a pair or two of plaudit socks.

“I just think the best way to wear your plaid is not to put it on like you’re wearing a jacket or trousers.

It’s just to wear it in a dress,” she says.

Annies style also differs from that of many other women.

“If you’re a woman who’s into women’s dresses, you’ll have plaid dresses, and then you’ll also have some casual clothes,” she explains.

“It depends on what your day is like, so I’d say if you’re not into that, you can go for a suit.

If you’re into it, then you can wear it with a dress.”

But Annies main style is not a summer dress.

“You can wear plaited shirts and a plaite skirt,” she tells us.

“But I think I would definitely say for me, plaid skirts and a dress would be the best thing to wear.”

When you’re in a tight spot with your summer clothes, how can you make them look more modern?

“You have to be able to get rid of that kind of casual stuff.

I’m always thinking about how do I make something that looks good for a summer day and it doesn’t look too retro, or something that’s not too trendy, and I think that’s the best advice you can give to me,” she adds.

Annied says it takes a lot of patience to get a plauditt style.

“As long as you’re happy with the look you have and you’re really proud of it, and you know that you’re taking care of it and you are sticking to the basics,” she continues.

“And that’s why I think it’s such a beautiful summer.”