The Minnesota Twins’ new look has a lot of similarities to the old-school look that came before them.

But unlike the old look, the new look will also be worn by women.

In a nod to the team’s logo, the Twins are also making their jerseys available in two different colors.

The shirts are now available in a black and white version.

And, as expected, the pants are also made of the same material as the jerseys.

The team will also continue to use the same name on the pants as well.

While we won’t see the team on the field wearing the uniforms until sometime this spring, it will be interesting to see how the uniforms change.

The new look is also a nod toward the team with a history of success, the New York Yankees.

It will be exciting to see if the team adopts this new look before the start of the season, but we will keep you updated.