Why you should buy the vintage plaid shirts

Unbuttoned, plaid and buttoned plights will be your new wardrobe staples as you step into the world of vintage fashion.Here’s why you should shop.1.The vintage style can be chic and

How to make a plaid Shirt

A pun has been made about the Plaid Shirt.The word “plaid” has been used to describe the shirt’s “laundry” effect.It is also the name of a famous UK television series

Which plaid is the best?

With a new set of plaids hitting the market, here’s a look at the best of the bunch.1.Mens Plaid Shirt (100% Cotton)2.Men’s Plaid Pants (100%)3.Mens Oxfords (100%-90%)4.Mens Oxfors (90%-80%)5.Mens Flannel

How to dress like an anime character for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, there are many options available to get your Halloween costume ready, but some of the more iconic outfits can be tricky to pull off.For starters,

Ravens have three QBs with no ties to team

The Baltimore Ravens are getting a little bit more comfortable in their QB situation this offseason, as they added three QB options in free agency and the draft: Brandon Weeden,

5 ways to wear a plaid dress for christmas

The plaid skirt can be a fashionable choice for a girl in her teens or 20s, or a timeless accessory for a grown woman.However, with the rise of the holiday
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