‘You will never get the same feeling of happiness as I did’: My dad and my mom share their experiences of starting a new life as transgender people

My dad, a transgender man, is a veteran of the war in Iraq, and my mother, a former soldier, spent most of her life in the military, serving in combat

When is it okay to wear a dress shirt?

Now Playing: Here’s the deal with this dress shirt design from Roblox that makes us laugh Now Playing.Now Playing This is what you need to know about this new bra.Now

The Dark Knight Rises Roster Revealed, Part 3

Dark Knight Returns is coming soon to a video game console and console-to-tablet game format, as it is rumored that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will unveil the next game in

How to dress like a girl

Dress like a guy and you’re considered cool, like a lady and you are a jerk, according to a new study. The research, conducted by the British Columbia College of Dental

5 ways to be more plaid

plaid shirts are a style of shirt often worn by the working class, but also worn by some in the upper middle class.It’s a more casual look that often doesn’t

How To Sell Etsy Plaid Shirt and Dress shirts

Etsy sellers are becoming increasingly popular with designers, as the company’s ecommerce platform, which lets buyers order clothing and accessories online, grows.But as they become more popular, they are facing

How to Buy a QVC Shirt for $69.99

The qvc is one of the most popular clothing brands in the world, but the company is under fire over allegations of sexism, racism and sexism and is reportedly planning

How to wear a burberry shirt to the beach

If you’re a fashion obsessive, you’ve probably been looking for the perfect piece of clothing to pair with your favorite beachy item.But as it turns out, there are so many
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